Our organic program consists of Organic fertilizer and scheduled weed controls to keep you and your lawn healthier. This combined with proper cultural practices will give you a thicker, more established lawn.

The three year organic program we provide is combined with an aeration over-seeding done twice a year. These practices are applied based on most recent research from leading Universities that show the correct process and make up of a true organic program. Corn gluten applied as a weed control will allow a 100% organic program. Their studies proved that after 3 years, all lawns treated with the organic program were more appealing to the eye due to thicker plant establishment that prevents weeds from developing.

Our organic program consists of 4 applications of an organic fertilizer. Micro-organisms cause a slow- release to time out 4 treatments a year for the proper growth and development. This is combined with a pesticide application once a year, for the first 3 years. After 3 years, we apply a corn gluten weed control giving you a 100% organic program. You can choose not to have any pesticides applied at all if you wish. We suggest one application of weed control a year for the first 3 years to control weeds already present.

This program must be combined with an aeration over-seed once every fall and spring. This is the secret to allowing proper breakdown of soil’s thatch and establishes quicker plant development.

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