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Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing, Lawn Care, Lawn Cuts or Lawn Services all lead to the same thing. Its just a matter of how much pride your Professional Serviceman has in your lawn. Michigan Lawn Mowing uses New equipment, to provide you weekly mowing, line trimming, and edging of concrete and walks biweekly, while also removing heavy grass and trash debris throughout. 

By combining mowing and fertilizing services, you can take advantage of our savings and deal with one company! This provides peace of mind, knowing one service provider will maintain your entire property. No more strangers entering your property, less paper trails from billing and statements, quicker combined services that will not interfere with each other! All these advantages provide you more time, less headache, and a healthier atmosphere with a local company.  Call Today, 248-507-4697 for an instant quote within minutes!

Services include weekly mowing, line trimming, and removal of debris for 26 weeks.

We also provide the option for mechanical edging every 2 weeks, for 13 weeks per season.

When necessary we also offer to bag clippings for an additional fee.

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