Turf Fertilizing

Research has proven our fertilizing process is ideal for Michigan. We have selected leading pesticides that have proven to produce the best results, while being the least toxic to the environment.

Organic Fertilizing

This program provides a healthier option for your lawn and family. We combine organic fertilizers with the proper cultural practices to produce the healthiest method for lawns.

Aeration & Overseeing

For years, golf courses have known that the secret to a beautiful, dense turf is to aerate their courses 2 or 3 times each year, relieving thatch and allowing root system to receive oxygen and nutrients quicker.

Tree & Shrub Care

The Michigan Fertilizing Tree and Shrub program consists of specifically designed and scheduled applications. Your highly skilled Landscape Specialist is trained to recognize and treat a variety of disease, insect, climatic, and maintenance problems.

Lawn Mowing

We customize each property to their specific requirements and maintenance needs. Services include weekly mowing, line trimming, and removal of debris for 26 weeks. We also provide the option for mechanical edging every 2 weeks, for 13 weeks per season.

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