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How to save your lawn this spring

Posted by Dean Morales
Dean Morales
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How To Save Your Lawn This Spring The good news here guys, is that the basics still apply when it comes to keeping your turf healthy. I want you to mow tall just like every year. It is, however, ok to bag your clippings for the first 3 or 4 custs,

especially if the snow mold is heavy. Bagging will help suck up some of the damaged turf. In addition, you MUST be sure to mow consistently. The growth of the lawn is going to be shocking as we go from extreme cold to above average heat. If you miss a mowing, the stress will damage the lawn. Finally, and most importantly, don’t use too much nitrogen when you fertilize. We definitely don’t want to over-push leaf growth. I always recommend utilizing organics because they release slowly, naturally. They also increase soil activity which builds the lawn for the long haul. Keep in mind that whatever hits the lawn here in the later spring will soon pass into summer and bring an entirely new set of challenges. The key is knowing the basics, and sticking to them faithfully.

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