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Our quoting technology ensures the most accurate measurements.
Our quoting technology ensures the most accurate measurements.

Our Approach

Our approach uses the latest software to provide you with a personal estimate that will give you a more precise quote than your average drive by lawn estimates. This allows us to eliminate the use of wasteful products, which is healthier for you as well as the environment. Our system is provided by the leading software developer based out of Michigan since 1984.

Not only do we provide accurate quotes, we also have skilled technicians that can diagnose any problems you are having in your lawn. Common problems such as grubs or heat stressed will be diagnosed on site and a solution will be offered by a technician. Not home at the time of application? Don't worry, all the information needed will be left on site and our office will follow up with a call to make sure you have received it. All of these systems are put in place to ensure a satisfying customer experience and noticeable results.

Our Story

Established in 2011, Michigan Fertilizing is owned by Dean Morales, an expert in landscaping and turf management. He received his business degree from the University of Michigan and began a small landscaping company during his freshman year. From there, he grew Michigan Fertilizing into a full service turf, tree, and shrub management company. He also owns a full service landscape construction company (sister company to Michigan Fertilizing) called Heritage and Company, Inc.

If you are looking for landscaping services, click here to learn more about Heritage and Company.

Meet the Team

Dean Morales


Dean started Michigan Fertilizing in 2011 and loves the outdoors!

David Newport

Turfgrass & Tree Care Manager

David has been fertilizing since 2015 and is an avid fisherman

Rachel Cynowa

Sales & Marketing Manager

Rachel has been in sales and marketing for 2 years and enjoys traveling!

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